Remote Site Catering And Support Specialist
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Our commetment to healt safety and evironment has no overriding detractor, and is considered as an integral factor of our mission success. A proven safety record demonstrated by lates achievement is approaching 4,000,000 man-hours without LTA. We know to keep on improving, we need to keep up the good works.


We prefer member of local community to become part of our workforce since in various situation, their presence compliment Patra in performing the services. These employees are given the necessary trining to achieve and maintain contract standars. Local fresh food suppliers who have interest in providing product are so embraced so they can supply at the requried standards. A combination of these activities has been written in our record of community relation, embracing the recruitment and subsequent development of local employees, local suppliers, transmigration and agriculture projects.


We have also been very strict in conducting business according to principles of Good Corporate Governance and Business ethics that prefer TARIF (Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility, Independent, and Fairness).